Robust protocol and component layers for user-friendly interoperability

Platform for Next Gen iidApps

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Establishing the new layers for most advanced decentralized applications to be built, integrated, and operated.

OrchestrumOS offers a chain-agnostic platform with an abstraction layer of intercommunication protocols to send/receive data, transact assets, and bring new functional benefits to existing technology, with a focus on seamless integration and user experience.

Interoperability at both the protocol and platform level will allow OrchestrumOS to accelerate a new economy where anyone can harness the power of all decentralized applications, and to build the next generation of integrated, interoperable dApps.

Orchestrum’s goal is to empower individuals and businesses of all skill levels to create, build, and operate iidApps.

User-friendly Interoperability

Guided onboarding journeys to ease the process of building and operating an integrated interoperable dApp.

Chain Agnostic Growth

Serve the whole blockchain ecosystem, offer your services to many blockchain tribes at once.

One-Click Integrations

Use solutions from other dApps in your dApp and turn it into a robust iidApp.

Idea to Operation

Use powerful components to bring your idea to mass-adoption faster.

Harmonious Governance

Drive the executional focus of the core team as part of community and consortium consensus.

Community Programs

For rewarding community involvement, and growing a family of builders.

Technical Specs of OrchestrumOS Interoperability

Funtional + Interoperable Bridges

On top of interoperable asset transactions, functional bridges that enable transactions of data and functions.

User Friendly Platform Components

Components that ease integrations, data analytics and others to elevate the experience of building and operating an iidApp.

Scalability + Low Latency

High volume transactions with fast finality to run integrations for seamless end user experiences.

Customizable Parallel and Private Chains

Tailored builds for those who need an environment specifically personalized for the most advanced iidApps. 

Benefits of iidApps

Compared to building dApps

Accelerated, Productive Innovation

Saving time and resources while innovating is a major advantage of iidApps.

Better Products and Services

Through iidApps you can build better use cases and upgrade your value propositions.

Diminished Cost Overhead

By minimizing costs, you can use your resources for better return of investments.

Improved Data Accessibility

Through using various integrations, you can access to more valuable data.

Data Based Optimization

You can analyze varieties of data to advance your product through scientific methods.

Robust Growth and Adoption

By tapping into these opportunities, you can grow your user base more rapidly.

A New Level of Cooperation and Creativity

For harnessing solutions from all blockchains and building together for mass adoption.

Be Building

OrchestrumOS makes building a fun thing.

Be Experimenting

Unleash the new through creative experiments.

Be Collaborating

Develop through collaboration, and master your offerings.

Be Analyzing

Don’t be satisfied with your current growth, leverage data.

Be Innovating

Expand your imagination and deliver more than expected.

OrchestrumOS Components

For a new level of user-experience in interoperability.


For getting custom ideas and projects built and technically audited in a modern, integrated, collaborative development environment, and for talent-scouting.

Integration Service

For converting your existing dApps into  robust iidApps by integrating them with other chains,  dApps or iidApps, in a chain agnostic approach.

Developer Space

For an integrated chain agnostic developer support environment, with libraries, tools, and communication layers to make complex tasks easy.

Template Center

For generating new, specific solutions through custom development, and through harnessing the capabilities of existing, established dApps.

Test Center

For rigorous testing of your dApp or iidApp before live deployment via community and 3rd party tools.

Analytics & Data Center

For analyzing the data, assets and integrations of your core applications and optimizing your iidApp.